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Re: STOP THE PRESSES Re: XFree86 4.0.2-12 release and architecture status

Branden Robinson wrote:
>So, alpha, arm, and m68k, *stop the presses*.  You can build this version,
>but it's going to be a little buggy, and it will not be the last one you
>have to build for a while.  There will be a 4.0.2-13.

Since medusa had already spent 23 hours or so grinding away at -12, I left it to 
finish building; it's done now, and will be in Incoming shortly.  I'd be 
interested to hear how people get on with it, especially on fbdev machines.

This doesn't include the patch for the `insanely tall display' syndrome; I'll 
add that and make a new binary tomorrow.


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