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Re: instructions (help) setting up buildd for arm

>system for communications about the build logs.  Does this interaction (or
>any other in the build process) require that mail reports be sent from the
>machine running the wanna-build database to the build machine(s)?

There are several types of mail that buildd-mail handles:

 - mail from the administrator in response to build logs; this is pretty much 
 - mail from dinstall; this isn't strictly necessary, but you will need to 
clear out your `upload' directory by hand if these aren't received
 - mail from wanna-build to say that new packages are available; this isn't 
very important at all.

>Also, I am not a registered debian developer, so does anyone have to
>autheticate me / my machine as an acceptable client?  (Do I need to sign
>the packges built on my machine, etc. ?)

Someone has to sign the packages you build, though it doesn't necessarily have 
to be you.  More significant is the fact that you need an account on auric to 
access the wanna-build database.


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