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instructions (help) setting up buildd for arm


I'm trying to setup buildd on my systems and have a few questions about
how to set it up in my environment.  I tried to contact Phil Blundell
directly about doing this, but he has yet to respond to my mail.  (In all
fairness my mail was rather weak and didn't pose decent questions.
Hopefully this will be better. ;^) )

As I said I'm trying to setup buildd on a couple of arm machines sitting
behind a NAT firewall.  When I was reading the documents, it seemed that
this might be difficult to do as buildd-mail interacts with the local mail
system for communications about the build logs.  Does this interaction (or
any other in the build process) require that mail reports be sent from the
machine running the wanna-build database to the build machine(s)?
Sending mail from the build machines to the machine running wanna-build
shouldn't be a problem, but communications in the other direction would
be a problem.

Other than this are there any caveats to setting up buildd?

Also, I am not a registered debian developer, so does anyone have to
autheticate me / my machine as an acceptable client?  (Do I need to sign
the packges built on my machine, etc. ?)



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