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Re: compiler broken

>>>>> "Bdale" == Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> writes:

    Bdale> Ok, so I was trying to build something on my Netwinder that
    Bdale> needed pieces not already installed, so I freshened it to
    Bdale> latest sid.  In the process, I seem to have broken my
    Bdale> ability to compile anything at all.  The failure is always
    Bdale> a signal 11 in cpp, the simplest test case I've found is
    Bdale> 'cpp -v' which produces the following output:

I got that too, after my latest update.  Plus, just as importantly,
"bind" fails to work, as does xfs and a few other packages.

It is not 'gcc's fault.  Nor is it the kernel (I've had my system
running for >2 months on the same kernel).   The problem happened
after updating to the last 'libc'.

Where can one get the previous version?  Is it on 'master' or 'auric'


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