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gpg fails!


The current gpg binary in unstable (1.0.4-1) isn't working for me, on a
Netwinder with a 2.4.1 kernel from lkab.  I just tried to sign a .changes for
a binary upload, and it asked for the passphrase thrice and failed.  Then
I tried verifying a detached sig I had made on an Intel box, which failed as
well.  "gpg --list-keys" gives the correct list, but with [invalid] next to
each one!

I'm currently building 1.0.4-2, but if -1 doesn't work, then is there hope for
-2?  Maybe when it's built with the new compiler/toolchain?  My .gpg dir is on
an NFS-mounted dir, does that make a difference?


-Adam P.

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