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Re: Problems installing on ARM710

In message <20010212175707.A1285@atterer.net>, Richard Atterer writes:
>I really fail to see anything unusual about it! The only modifications
>to the standard model were: [...]

Well, that certainly doesn't sound at all unusual.  I doubt your RO3.7 ROMs 
are to blame.

>  gzip: unhandled page fault at pc=0x4007350c, lr=0x40074678 (bad
>  address=0x00000002, code 0)

This is crashing in index(), called from strrchr().  The bad address is indeed 
an invalid pointer.  The md5sum you gave matches the one on my gzip binary, 
which as I said works fine.

>  dbootstrap: unhandled page fault at pc=0x4008c314, lr=0x02004050
>  (bad address=0x00000008, code 0)

As far as I can make out this is crashing in strlen, though I'm less sure 
about that one.  It still doesn't really help though.

Very strange.


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