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Re: compiler broken

In message <E14RwQP-00012x-00@kings-cross.london.uk.eu.org>
          Philip Blundell <philb@gnu.org> wrote:

> >> I see.  Does it look as though all command-line arguments are just being 
> >> ignored?
> >
> >That would a reasonable diagnosis.
> Well, it's pretty weird.  Wookey tried that kernel on a RiscPC and didn't 
> complain of any problems in that respect.  (He did have trouble booting on an 
> ARM610.)
> Boot parameters are certainly working on the CATS, albeit with the tag-list 
> rather than the monolithic params block.  What boot loader do you use?

!Linux, e.g.:

IDEFS::Oink.$.ARMLinux.!Linux -bootkernel IDEFS::Oink.$.ARMLinux.Linux2216.zImag
e -args "root=/dev/hda4 ide0=0"

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