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Re: compiler broken

In message <E14RHRL-00009K-00@pig.labs.futuretv.com>
          Philip Blundell <pb@futuretv.com> wrote:

> In message <8658394a4a%peter@erble.freeserve.co.uk>, Peter Naulls writes:
> >You don't say what kernel you're using, but the current GCC certainly
> >has a problem on 2.2.16-rmk3 kernels.   You could try 2.4, or downgrade
> >GCC as Phil suggested.
> I'm pretty confident the kernel isn't at fault here.  But, if people want to 
> try, there are 2.2.18 and 2.4.1 packages for netwinder and RiscPC in the lkab 
> output directory on ftp.armlinux.org.

lkab 2.2.18 kernel doesn't boot for me - it appears to become upset at
not having drives on the internal IDE interface, and does't respond to
the normal ide0=0 parameters, evetually panicking because it can't find
the root partition, even though the location is adjusted in the boot

Unfortunately, I still can't build my own 2.2.18 kernel, still suffering
errors about headers being too big from ld which a few people have seen.

I have just checked in case any packages have been updated since last
time I saw this problem.  All I can add to this dicussion is that I
certainly do get the failure in 2.2.16-rmk3 (consistently, but not on
all compilcations), but not under either 2.4 kernel I've tried.  And of
course the mystery error from inetd.


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