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Re: mozilla and mice

In article <4a46a8415bdnl99@ic.ac.uk>,
   Dan Lund <dnl99@ic.ac.uk> wrote:
> bit of a two pronged query here.
> since switching to debian from the rpc redhat in summer ive not been able
> to get the ps2 mouse working. The sunmouse did work fine (until i had to
> reinstall everything), but since i keep getting
> cannot open mouse (no such device)

Try - as root

cd /etc/
mknod newmouse c 10 6
chmod 0660 newmouse
ln -sf /etc/newmouse /etc/mouse

> its all specified right in XF86Config and the major and Minor numbers are
> correct. Mice are compiled into my kernel (2.4.0-rmk3 currently although
> the 2.2.16-rmk3 one i had didnt work either). Also, how do i get a mouse
> working in a terminal, ive tried gpm, but like X it doesnt work. Any ideas?




RP Lund
EMail	:<ron@rplund.demon.co.uk>

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