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Re: perl-5.6

>In which case the most likely cause is a compiler bug.
>(I've had occasional problems at different with what seems to be multiple use
>of the same register, evident either as things like ldr r3, [r3],#3 or
>once with loading a short int using 2 lrdb instructions both targeted at
>the same register, all when building perl.

I'm reasonably confident that both of those problems are fixed now.  The 
former would certainly elicit a warning from gas, and I don't see any of those 
in the log.  But there could well be other, similar bugs still lurking.

>Is it possible to arrange for the buildd either to use a different
>optimisation level, or to temporarily use a new (or older) compiler?

I'd rather not tinker with the buildd's environment, but I'm happy to try 
compiling with different sets of options.


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