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Re: wanna-peruse moving and upgrades

I'm off to bed for tonight, but here's a progress report.

On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Chris Rutter wrote:

> and thus I've moved that particular component of the ARM buildd stuff
> over to inkvine [...]

This is now essentially done; for those with access to armlinux.org
facilities, there's a new account "buildd" which functions, currently,
solely as the wanna-peruse account.  There's a new alias
<wanna-peruse@armlinux.org> which is the address to which build logs
should be sent for inclusion in the database; the old aliases on
medusa (such as <wanna-peruse@medusa.armlinux.org>) have been updated
to point to the new one, which ultimately routes to buildd@inkvine.

>   * fix time stamps being wrong for some reason on build logs;

They weren't broken, it turned out.  There was a typo in a date
formatting string somewhere.  D'oh.

>   * add a robot-exclusion header to all dynamic content to avoid
>     Scooter fetching fifteen links at once and keel-hauling Apache
>     (though that may not have been the reason Apache kept dying).

This is done, at any rate, for build.php and fetch.php.

There are some new problems (other than the myriad old ones) that
still exist which I'll try and resolve soon:

  * the lists of the packages in the various states aren't auto-updating

  * the `view all packages' page seems to have broken -- still, it was
    unusably slow before anyway.


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