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wanna-peruse moving and upgrades

medusa is grossly underpowered to run a bunch of inefficient scripts
such as those that comprise the wanna-peruse system (which powers the
buildd log viewer, available at <http://buildd.armlinux.org/~buildd/>),
and thus I've moved that particular component of the ARM buildd stuff
over to inkvine (a 400MHz i386 box, with significantly more disk

The transition should be completely painless; I've updated the alias
"buildd.armlinux.org" to point toward inkvine instead, which should
filter through within a day or two.

There are a few pressing issues I hope to address straight away:

  * fix time stamps being wrong for some reason on build logs;
  * add a robot-exclusion header to all dynamic content to avoid
    Scooter fetching fifteen links at once and keel-hauling Apache
    (though that may not have been the reason Apache kept dying).

In the fairly short term, I also hope to:

  * write an expiry script to remove the mountains of crufty build logs;
  * check the code into publically-available CVS and get other people
    hacking on it;
  * merge in the new code on my local machine.

As for long term, see the web page.

As of about 2 a.m. GMT, you should be able to use the URL


to view the build logs.


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