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Re: BUG??

In message <[🔎] Pine.LNX.4.10.10101092258060.11424-100000@localhost.localdomain>, C
hester writes:
>It means that don't link with this or libiberty.a is broken??

Depends on your point of view.  Libiberty isn't PIC code. 

>I have remove this library from LD_LIBRARY_PATH,but still 
>have the same error message!

LD_LIBRARY_PATH is used at run time, not at link time.  You need to 
investigate what happens when libSDL is built.

>Which glibc versio is better??

Well, the fix is in glibc 2.2.  The version on ftp.armlinux.org is actually 
2.1.3 with the patch in question back-ported.


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