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Re: [bcollins@debian.org: Re: testing to be implemented on ftp-master]

>To the best of my knowledge glibc has never had less then three test
>failures on ARM.  I've become used to ignoring them, which probably is not
>the best thing.  One or two of them are related thought to be compiler
>bugs, which may go away with GCC 2.97.x, the head of the tree.

I thought we got down to zero failures at one point with the 2.1.x glibc, but 
maybe I imagined that.

The wcscoll failure is indeed due to a compiler bug.  I've been playing with a 
backport of Nick's patch to 2.95.2 which seems to fix it.  I can generate a 
diff if anybody else wants to have a go.

>Although it does look as if the 'problem' has been found and a possible
>solution proposed, so hopefully it will be back again soon.  Actually all
>that is broken is the C++ support, the C compiler should be 'fine'.

It's strange.  I haven't been able to bootstrap at all for a month or so - I 
always get errors in `make compare'.  Only one other person seems to be seeing 
this.  I wonder if it's somehow related to the Debian environment.


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