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Re: Debian-arm webpage

On Tue 12 Sep, Jim Pick wrote:
> Hi,
> The debian-arm webpage is in a horrible non-maintained state (I last
> updated on January 20, 1999).
>   http://www.debian.org/ports/arm/
> It makes the whole port look like it's dead, which it obviously isn't.
> Does anybody want to redo it?
> I'd really like somebody to volunteer to do it.

OK, I did this a bit ago and then got sidetracked. I've tried to even up the
original netwinder-bias as well as updating everything. I wasn't around at
the beginning so I may have missed out important events and people. 

Check out the new version at:
and please moan if there are things that should be changed/added/removed. The
old pages contain some interesting(?) hisorical and general credit-giving
info but I'm not sure if it's worth retaining them here - suggestions welcome
for what to do with this info.

If there are no major complaints it'll get uploaded to it's official spot
next week.

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