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Re: fbdev problems

On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 02:44:12AM +0100, Chris Rutter wrote:
> Skimming the source, it would seem another problem is where Xfbdev is
> told to use the `default' mode and doesn't attempt to reset the virtual
> height.  What it really ought to do is take the mode parameters, unset
> text, and reset the mode, I suppose; design oversight?

Is this the reason why you were finding that my patch didn't seem to work?
(sorry, I forgot to say that I wasn't running in "default")

> Why do no other architectures (apparently) suffer from this problem?

My guess would be that the acornfb is the only driver that defaults
to setting a virtual resolution that differs from the physical.

(in that there's no reason to do this for its own sake, and I'd suspect
that other architectures don't need to do this to improve performance for
fix sized text screens)

Nicholas Clark

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