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Re: kernel-package forces target to `Image'

On Sat, 2 Sep 2000, Tor Slettnes wrote:

> Sure..
> I am the cause of that /Image thing, and it had to do with an earlier
> version of the NeTTrom not being able to read /vmlinux.  I have not
> tried this in later versions, and anyway think that your idea about a
> switch is cleaner.
> So, if you have that influence, please. :-)

And, actually, it seems from what I can see that the convention is to
put the kernel output in a file whose prefix is `vmlinuz' regardless
of what type of kernel it is: this is certainly what boot-floppies
expects, anyway.  So unless there are any particular objections I
suggest changing to this.  (I'm just putting a load of waffle in
kernel-package about subarchitectures.)


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