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Re: Problems with ARM RISC machine with new install

On Tue 29 Aug, Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:
> Machine is an ARM machine (A5000??) with StrongARM, IDE and SCSI disks.
> Using potato-pre3 disks.
> Downloaded rescue.bin and wrote it to each of two floppies.
> Booting appears to work _but_ then "no writeable memory at this address"
> or some such message appears.
> Attempting to help a friend, who may give up with Debian and just install
> ARMLinux :(

The existing debian release essentially won't install on a Risc-pc without a
great deal of jiggery-pokery as the RISCOS disc formats and keyboard maps are
not yet supported by boot-floppies (the thing that generates the install

By far the easiest way to install debian is to use the existing aout ARMLinux
release (from Russell King's website, or from us on CD) and then use Peter
Naul's docs which explain how to stop the process part way through and get
the debian base imnage installed instead (link on our site in the riscos
resources section).

Despite being the easiest way, it's still quite a hard way unless you are
familiar with linux and is only recommended for those with a fair amount of

We're working on fixing boot-floppies (done the keymaps, getting on well with
the disk format stuff) and doing a new RISC-OS installer and docs right now,
and expect to have something in a couple of months (it would be less but I'm
on hols for a few weeks :-) That should make things a great deal easier.

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