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Re: gcc 2.95.2-13 for arm

On Sun, 27 Aug 2000, Chris Gorman wrote:

> Unfortunatly, my error is not the same as yours.   While building the
> potato sendmail package, I get the following ...
> cc -O2 -I. -I/usr/include/db2 -DNEWDB -DNIS -DMAP_REGEX -DHASFLOCK=1
> LCF=\"/etc/mail/sendmail.cf\" -include ../../debian/el33t.h
> -DCMDDIR=\"/usr/lib/
> sm.bin\" -DPATH=\"/usr/bin:/bin\" -D_PATH_SENDMAIL=\"/usr/sbin/sendmail\"
> -c -
> o domain.o domain.c
> domain.c: In function `getmxrr':
> domain.c:380: internal error--unrecognizable insn:
> (insn 1818 1817 319 (set (reg:SI 4 r4)
>         (umin:SI (reg/v:SI 4 r4)
>             (const_int 8192 [0x2000]))) -1 (nil)
>     (nil))
> make[2]: *** [domain.o] Error 1

This is a known compiler bug.  It has been mentioned a few times on the
gcc-bugs list, with some analysis as well.  Scott may have some info on it
on www.netwinder.org as well.

For now the work around is to compile domain.c without optimization, or


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