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Re: boot problems...


Thanks for you interest Adam. NeTTrom firmware is version 2.1.16c. I got the system
set up now (Forgot that I can switch to the console during install). So my previous
question may just be a hint that the mke2fs should use -O sparse_super during the
install in the future for the netwinder.

I got more problems though. The officeserver has 128MB RAM, 20GB HDD. Partitions
are as follows:
/dev/hda1    swap    256MB
/dev/hda2    /            2,000MB
/dev/hda3    /var        400MB
/dev/hda4    /home    17,000MB
So now when I boot, I get all kinds of stack debugging info. The boot goes
something like this...

fsck v.1.18
/dev/hda3: clean
/dev/hda4: clean
/dev/hda3 on /var type ext2 (rw)
... and after this line the hell beaks loose ...
backtrace: no frame pointer
code: pc not in code space
 ... and whole bunch of stack HEX debug info ...

Anyone else has this problem? I think it may be: 1. netwinder may not like bid
drives 2. netwinder may not like my partition table. (I'm going to try the install
on one big partition next...)


I took /dev/cdrom and /dev/fd0 out of fstab.
Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> What NeTTrom firmware revision do you have?
> [What revision does Debian require?  Is there a way to probe this easily, so the
> installer can give a warning?]
> Just a thought,
> -Adam P.
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