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compiling non-us


I read you look for people living outside the US to compile non-us arm

I live in Europe, I own a netwinder and I am ok to to some effort to do the
job. My netwinder already boots on potato. This is the + side.

On the - side: I run the netwinder DM for production (actually my personal
home-firewall + other stuff). This suggests I am not going to break it 'just
for fun'. I have limited time available, I never made .deb (while I used to
do some .rpm years ago). I am not on the debian developers list.

First step: I need someone to tell me how to do some non-us deb, how to
compile, blabla. (or give me good pointers. I won't have much time to
Second, do some non-us compiling and post them

My first interest is ssh (I mean openssh).

Best regards,


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