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Re: whoami: cannot find username for UID 1001

Hmm.  I am using a Netwinder (ARM) as NIS master, and a PC as slave.
Both using the most current 'unstable'.  This problem does not exist
there.  Maybe potato-specific?

Have you been logged in since Tuesday?  I.e. did you log in before
doing some change on your system, and have not yet logged out?
Is UID 1001 one that is exported through NIS, or is it local to the
machine you are running 'ssh' from?

- Try 'ypmatch 1001 passwd.byuid'.
- On your client machine, make sure the master is visible: 'ypwhich'
- Make sure /etc/defaultdomain contains your NIS domain name.
- Also try restarting NIS, in both places: '/etc/init.d/nis restart'


>>>>> "Adam" == Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@mit.edu> writes:

    Adam> What's this about?  w seems to give good info, but whoami
    Adam> has trouble, and only over NIS, and on ARM and Alpha but not
    Adam> Intel.  Also, when I try to ssh anywhere from such machines
    Adam> (as UID 1001), it says "You don't exist, go away!" even for
    Adam> ssh user@machine.  Started on Monday (at the latest), and
    Adam> potato upgrades to date have not fixed it (well, haven't
    Adam> upgraded potato on ARM since Tuesday because of the binutils
    Adam> problem).

    Adam> Known bug?  Or should I file a bug report against
    Adam> shellutils, or nis, or both?  Or might it be some obscure
    Adam> libc6 thing?  Seems at least "important" in severity, and on
    Adam> some pretty important packages!

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