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Re: X on Acorn RiscPC

In message <4db872a749%gareth@ragga.f9.co.uk>
          Gareth Woolridge <gareth@ragga.f9.co.uk> wrote:

> Does the Debian support for X include Acorn machines??  Or will I need to
> try and get XArm from ARMLinux working??

Yes, but you'll have to ask someone nicely for a config file (or make
your own from hand).  There was as issue with the frame buffer driver
whereby the virtual vertical resolution is overwritten (owing to reasons
to do with accessing RiscPC video memory and scrolling), leading to a
big virtual resolution in X, that Russell and I were looking at - I
haven't checked to see what's happened to it in recent kernels, so don't
know if that "feature" is still there.

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