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Re: Debian on ARM platforms...

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Philip Blundell wrote:

> >I believe Jim Pick has some machine from rebel set up for build daemon
> >use.  We are now stable enough that we could use the build daemon, but
> >someone would have to coordinate that.  I have a couple of machines
> >that could slave off of it if required.
> Me too.  What does it take to coordinate the build daemon?  I can spend the 
> time but (of course) am not a registered Debianite.

Recently I acquired employment with Brainfood (formerly Novare) we
currently host master as well as murphy and a few other boxen. I've
proposed in the past to host boxes if needed and I'm sure Brainfood will
have no problems hosting them if needed. 

> >Debian does not have an accelerated X server for the netwinder.  I've
> >been using the FBDev X server to test on the box, mostly I use a remote
> >X server.  It would be good to kit an accelerated X server, I haven't
> >look at the issue at all.
> I did take a look at the accelerated Xserver (as, I think, did Bdale and Jim 
> Pick before me; many have perished on this path) but didn't come up with 
> anything especially useful.  That is indeed one of the areas where input from 
> Rebel would be a great help.

Hmm, It might be beneficial to look at whats implemented in XF 4.0 and see
about backporting that.

- Eric Molitor

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