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Re: X Working!

Rod Stewart wrote:

> On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> > The patched ORBit looks for both libwrap.so and libwrap.a in that
> > order and acts accordingly, so it should work with systems missing
> > libwrap.so.
> Ah, but if you are on ARM, or perhaps sparc, and only have a static
> libwrap.a built without -fPIC, you are still going to have problems.  One
> could check to see if libwarp.a was compiled with -fPIC and generate an
> error if it was not.  But people on architectures which do not need -fPIC
> would not be happy...

I think you're effectively arguing that ARM and Sparc should have a shared
libwrap, as they do in Debian. :-)

> > IMHO, this is the right way to do things.  The ORBit deb maintainer
> > seems to agree, and has recommended my patch for inclusion upstream
> > for release in 0.5.1, which should get into potato.  See bug #46324.
> I agree, have you considered submitting it back to the ORBit project, not
> simply the deb maintainer.  (I'm guilty of doing this on occasion myself,
> not sending patches back upstream :))

Sent it to orbit-list, but forgot that I'm no longer subscribed, and it's a
RedHat list which tacks "Reply-to: orbit-list..." on each email so replies would
only go to the list.  Can't find an archive either, so I don't know what people
made of it.


-Adam P.

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