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New X packages available

Hello again,

Had to rpm-e a good portion of my RedHat install (what gives with all
the missing rpm deps?  But then, it's not Debian :-), and figure out how
to split the build between the two ~1GB partitions, in order to free up
the 900 MEGS it needed to build, but now everything is available at
http://lyre.mit.edu/~powell/debs/ .  Share and enjoy!

In 2.2.13, Modes "default" seems to work fine, but 1024x768@60 aborts
with signal 11, 1024x768@70 hangs the machine hard.  In 2.3.35-rmk1
(image .deb in the same place), default and standard 1024x768@60 abort
with signal 8, 1024x768@60 from fbset -x hangs the machine hard.

For now I guess I'll use 2.2.13 with default.  I've had enough testing
modes for the day. :-)

      Adam Powell                     http://lyre.mit.edu/~powell/
      Thomas B. King Assistant Professor of Materials Engineering
      77 Massachusetts Ave. Rm. 4-117         Phone (617) 452-2086
      Cambridge, MA 02139 USA                   Fax (617) 253-5418

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