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xterm: no available ptys


I can startx and run xterm just fine as root, but as an NIS user,
(startx goes fine but) I get the error message in the subject.

Any ideas?

Also, on my earlier buggy processor problems, Jim Studt has suggested
using 2.3.33-rmk, but the server he pointed me to for the patch source
(www.arm.uk.linux.org) seems to have vanished!  Anyone have any ideas,
or could anyone send me the patch?


      Adam Powell                     http://lyre.mit.edu/~powell/
      Thomas B. King Assistant Professor of Materials Engineering
      77 Massachusetts Ave. Rm. 4-117         Phone (617) 452-2086
      Cambridge, MA 02139 USA                   Fax (617) 253-5418

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