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Packages needing help

Most of these are minor problems, some of them require large supporting
software to be installed, some take hours to build.  My building box
is just a little 32M/800M system, its pretty tight.

Anyone registered debian developer could compile some of these and
upload them.  Any non-developer might work through and develop a 
patch or build time fix for the others.

xpuzzles (5.4.4-4) unsigned char issues  (maintainer is on it)
tirc (1.2-4) our "install -s" dies when not a strippable binary
gettext (0.10.35-11.0.0) our "install -s" dies when not a strippable binary
pwgen (1-14) our "install -s" dies when not a strippable binary
sendfile () our "install -s" dies when not a strippable binary
intercal () uses groff -mm which fails, "fatal error: can't find macro file m"
cdrecord () configures for about an hour with no apparent progress
realtimebattle () ArenaBase.cc:155: Internal compiler error in `float_signal', at toplev.c:2418
scotty () needs tk8.2
ical () needs tk8.2
netcat () netcat.c:248 has a function called 'arm'
xjig () xjig.C:671: using typedef-name `fd_set' after `struct'
ppxp () console/std/smain.c bombs, 'Keymap' is not defined.
jade () it takes hours to compile and runs me out of my tiny disk
pixmap () must have /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb.txt to build (xserver?)
gs () Please read debian/jpeg! (needs libjpeg sources in build tree)
dxpc () needs -llzo lib installed
mtr () undefined references to res_mkquery() and dn_expand()
yabasic () Odd problem at end of build, dh_compress fails.
readseq () needs ncbi-tools6-dev installed to build
gom () need xview libs
plotutils () just really long to build, runs out my disk
netpbm-free () needs tiff library
gnuplot () needs itself to build (making docs it fails)
fakeroot () gets hung in compare-tar, no cpu use, just stuck.
xcin () dies...  You need libtabe to compile xcin.

In addition, these packages have probable errors from the ARM's 
unsigned chars.

  afterstep ash bash bl blinkd bnetd ccmalloc cronolog dhcpcd dialog ee
  elm-me+ elvis ftpgrab imwheel knfs lpr masqdialer p2c pftp queue spell
  splitvt tetex-bin uudeview workbone xgalaga

They will need examination, bugs files, and patches sent to the maintainer.

Be prepared to explain to the maintainer that defaulting char to
unsigned is legal ansi behavior, that ARM and (i think) PPC both do
it, and that even without silly machines like ours their code is still
probably broken when they encounter a 0xff byte in a non-ascii

Anyone who complains "there is no software for Linux" hasn't sat down
to build all of it.

The BRM now stands at... (slow night last night, build got hung)

12/25 12/28 12/29 12/30 12/31
  32    22     1     0     0  required:out-of-date
   5     5     5     5     5  required:uncompiled

  12    10     0     0     0  important:out-of-date
   3     3     1     1     1  important:uncompiled

  26    23     1     0     0  standard:out-of-date
  15    14    13     3     3  standard:uncompiled

 454   430   430   260   159  optional:out-of-date
 801   800   798   795   795  optional:uncompiled

  93    92    92    91    91  extra:out-of-date
 175   174   174   173   173  extra:uncompiled

... I do believe we will make it.

                                     Jim Studt, President
                                     The Federated Software Group, Inc.

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