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Build still messed up


I sent my Netwinder back to Rebel to check RAM, processor, etc., no
problems found, so all of the problems are Debian-related.

Really basic problems, like I'm trying to configure enlightenment from
it's source directory, using "./configure --prefix=/usr" and it comes
back with "Cannot find source files in . or .." (looking for e.spec
which is clearly there according to ls).  Another time every single
command it tries to locate results in a segfault.

I have no idea where to begin to look for problems.  Tried going back to
2.2.10 but had all kinds of other problems.  See my unanswered post of a
month and a half ago for more details.

Is Debian/ARM really this hosed?  Or do I need to do a complete

And why has there been almost no traffic on this list for the last month
and a half?

I'm wondering if this is worth my time, or if everybody has just given


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