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Re: portmap segfaults

According to Philip Blundell:
> >I am trying to get the shark from 2.2.9 to 2.2.12. It runs quite well now,
> >but portmap segfaults everytime it gets a request. I can mount remote
> This isn't a Shark specific thing, it happens on all machines with the 2.2.12
> kernel.  I'm not sure where the bug got introduced (ie whether it's in 
> Russell's kernels, Linus' kernels or only in CVS); I think Ralph was looking 
> into it but I haven't heard anything else.

OK, so I'll stay with 2.2.9 for now. Are there any known problems with the
2.3.? I downloaded the last version I could find a cvs-patch for on
netwionder org and I want to try that one on the shark tonight to get a bit
closer to current development.


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