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RiscPC hanging on boot


[I don't know if this is the best place to ask, if not, could someone
please point me in the right direction?]

I have (well a friend of mine has) a StrongARM RISC PC, with a Cumana
SCSI card. Ages ago, we installed the RedHat-based ARMLinux on the
spare IDE drive (the SCSI drives are his RISC OS stuff, CD-ROM drive, etc).

I wanted to try and put Debian/ARM on there, so I was going to boot the
ARMLinux system and convert it manually. However, when we try to boot the
standard RiscPC kernel included with ARMLinux with !Linux, it hangs after 
asking for arguments, without clearing the screen or anything..

I remember we had to do quite a bit to the machine to get it to boot before,
but neither of us can remember what we did. Anyone got any ideas of where
to look, or can suggest an alternative way of getting Debian/ARM installed
on there?

Note: I have quite a bit of experience with Debian/i386, and also some 
experience with RISC OS. I'm just trying to combine the two now :)

  Chris Butler                       e-mail: <chrisb@sandy.force9.co.uk>
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