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More shark X news


I hacked a little more and found that remap_page_range uses __va (not
phys_to_virt which I had searched for). If I change that part to
phys_addr>>PAGE_SHIFT I can see the entire display. But the machine becomes
very unstable then. Whenever I access X, the Xserver restarts itself, thus
immedeately killing the app. If I am on another virtual console while
starting the app, the machine hangs.

So I guess I'll have to learn more about those pagetabel entries. On the
shark, the main memory is devided in blocks a 8 MB, the first at 0x0800.0000.
The framebuffer is below that at 0600.0000, I mapped it at 0xd000.0000 for
now. Can anybody tell me exactly, what remap_pte_range does and what that
MAP_NR is? Will I have to map the framebuffer somewhere specific to make it
work? If I must catch the framebuffer _and_ the main memory with
phys_to_virt, I probably have to make it a function, how much would this
hurt performance?


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