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Warning re: 2.2.5 and tulip/eth1

I uploaded 2.2.5-netwinder kernel (from Phil Blundell's 990414
sources); it should be available in a few days.  (Days, not hours,
because it requires manual install).

Apparently the tulip driver does not work correctly in full duplex.
This may not be specific to the debian-arm kernel, however:

On my netwinder, I have both interfaces talking to my PC (which also
has a ne2000 clone on eth0 and a 100Mbps tulip-compatible card on
eth1).  After compiling 2.2.5 on my PC, it got NIS information
correctly from the Netwinder, but then switched to full duplex and
lost communication through the eth1 interface.

Doing the same on the Netwinder (i.e. installing 2.2.5 kernel)
provided a similar result - in a very odd fashion: I could ping my PC
from my Netwinder, but not my Netwinder from my PC.

Bottom line: If you need eth1, it's probably best to stick with 2.2.1
for now.


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