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Re: New gcc

Philip Blundell <philb@gnu.org> writes:

> I've also been thinking about some way to deploy -mapcs-float by
> default, as and when we have enough confidence that it actually
> works reliably.  I think the potential performance gain makes this
> worthwhile but unfortunately there is an ABI compatibility issue
> again.  Hopefully once more the dynamic linker can rescue us.

Well, once I get egcs working, we're going to have to break
compatibility and redo everything using versioning.  It would make
sense to switch to -mapcs-float at the same time, I guess.

Corel's going to have to break compatibility to switch to versioning
as well, so it would be a good time to introduce it as the default.

I'm not sure about ARM Linux compatibility.  That's still a.out,


 - Jim

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