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Re: New glibc and sysvinit (WARNING)

Tor Slettnes <tor@slett.net> writes:

> >>>>> "Jim" == Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:
>     Jim> I've just uploaded a new glibc (2.0.105) and a sysvinit 2.76
>     Jim> to go along with it.
> Cool!  Everything seems to work with it - is there anymore a point in
> rebuilding and reuploading .deb's with this new glibc?
> -tor

You shouldn't have to rebuild the ones you've done before.

We're not using versioning in the glibc right now.  Eventually, we're
going to have to switch - and then we'll have to rebuild absolutely
everything.  :-(

I'd like to get a few more things built first (ie. egcs) before doing


 - Jim

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