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Re: Need help with package area confusion

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:

    Jim> Tor Slettnes has applied to be a Debian developer months ago,
    Jim> but he hasn't been granted that status yet.  I'm sure he'll
    Jim> upload his packages when that happens.

I believe that is around the corner; I got a telephone call from James 
Crew yesterday (while I was out, unfortunately).  I hope he tries
again soon.

Meanwhile, if someone wants to grab any of those packages don't
hesitate on my part.  I know some of those are fairly critical to
being able to use the Netwinder as a network server (e.g. samba,
proftpd, exim (MTA), boa (Web Server), cucipop (POP3 server), 
cfingerd, etc.


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