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Re: Need help with package area confusion

Jim Studt <jim@federated.com> writes:

> I noted that a couple of my recent arm package uploads went into 
> potato.  Can someone clarify the roles of sid, potato, and the
> 4 advertised unofficial archives?
> It looks to me like sid and potato contain the same stuff.
> If I want the bleeding edge, how would I set my apt sources.list file?

I believe "sid" was for ports that weren't going to be released in the
next release.  The next release after "slink" (which is now frozen) is
going to be "potato".  Whoever set it up must figure that we'll have
our act together by the time "potato" is released (6 months?).  If
that's the case, I don't understand what "sid" is for now.

The unofficial packages on ftp.jimpick.com are packages that were not
built from standard sources.  They all need to be redone.  (many of
them already have been - I've got to do some cleaning)

David Welton has some unofficial packages, which I'm sure he'll upload
to Incoming some time, as he is a Debian developer.

Tor Slettnes has applied to be a Debian developer months ago, but he
hasn't been granted that status yet.  I'm sure he'll upload his
packages when that happens.

Allan Anderson has some packages as well.  I'm not sure if he's
applied to become an official developer.

I guess an official developer could offer to build and upload packages
for people who are still waiting for developer status.  I'd do it -
but I've already got a pretty full agenda.


 - Jim

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