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RE: Waiting for 2.0 image from CCC

On 21-Oct-98 David Welton wrote:
> I think I'll wait for the new image from CCC (and thus, official
> packages in pub/ccc) before I do work on things such as X and
> util-linux.  It's too big a waste of time trying to track down things
> in random directories, that may very well change from day to day.
> Instead, I'll try and get other things working, as time permits.  I
> uploaded one of my regular packages, epic, an irc client, today, as
> well as the new therm tools with license included:->

Honestly I have done the same.  I have not had the time to chase my tail over
and over.  Wish I did, I learned a lot.  Maybe when classes end again (-:

on another note, I wonder how much of my changes to therm made it.  I added
fahrenheit code and cleaned up some range issues.  I cleared up the set_therm
5000 bug for one (-:

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