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Re: Anyone think they can help out?

Shaleh <shaleh@livenet.net> writes:

> I am going to the ALS.  Will be there Thursday night.  What is needed?

It sounds like Corel is going to lend us one for the show.

In a private email, Oliver Bendzsa <oliverb@corelcomputer.com> said he
was shipping 13 machines to the ALS, and Greg Hankins
<gregh@cc.gatech.edu> would be picking them up.  I am guessing that
Robert Edmonds <edmonds@freewwweb.com>, who is coordinating the Debian
stuff, will be able to pick up the machine from Greg.  I'm sure he
will be able to set it up rather quickly.  Since you are going to be
there, you might want to rendez-vous with him.

It would be really nice if we could get X and Mozilla ported by the
time the show starts.  That's a pretty tall order.  Here's what needs
to be done:

1) kernel    - get a proper package built.  This means fixing up
               kernel-package.  I've also got a patch from Philip
               Blundell for fixing the FPU problem.  However, it's for
               the 2.1.x kernel.  I tried applying it against Corel's
               kernel, and it didn't work.  I need to do a bit of
               debugging there.
2) modutils  - there is a new set of modutils from Corel that matches the new
3) bash      - we're using Corel's libc4/a.out bash so we can boot.
               Unfortunately, I've discovered that this creates major havoc
               with many Debian build scripts (ie. debhelper) which use newer
               bash 2.0 features.  I also noticed that the Debian
               bash/readline we were using before seems to be handling
	       line-wrapping wrongly.
4) glibc     - we want a glibc build with the latest kernel headers.  I'd like
               to use the upstream 2.0.97 with versioning turned on.  I'm not
               sure if anybody has managed to get this to work, however.
5) binutils  - if we do use the upstream glibc (2.0.97), we also need to use
               the newest binutils with Philip Blundell's patch.  We'd also
               need to build gdb separately, because it is currently thrown
               in with the binutils.
6) libstdc++ - We're currently using one from Corel (ie. not built from
               source).  That should be replaced by Corel's patched version,
               or the one from egcs (which might also need to be patched).
7) egcs      - I'm not sure if this is needed to build Mozilla.  I had
               built it before, but I wasn't able to compile glibc with it.
               This needs to be tried again with 1.1b and Philip's new patch.
               Raffaele Sena <raff@aromatic.com> said on devel@netwinder.org
               that there were still some issues with C++ and egcs. 
8) xfree86   - The one we currently are using uses the fbcon device, and does
               not properly reset the display when switching virtual consoles.
               There is some new X server source from Corel.
9) lesstif   - Needed for Mozilla.
10) mozilla  - Raffaele Sena <raff@aromatic.com> has built a version that is
               available at:  ftp://ftp.netwinder.org/users/r/raff/
               Maybe we can re-use his patches.


 - Jim

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