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Re: [drepper@cygnus.com] glibc-2.0.97


I'm still trying to build the new glibc. I'm having some problems
(missing/wrong definitions ?) but I'll send another message about it.

While trying to figure out about this problem I found one difference
between the new library and the sources I had (cvs: what would I do
without you ? :)

I think this was a change you made some time ago, but either it didn't
go in the last version, or is it now done in a different way.
What do you think ?

-- Raffaele

Index: ./sysdeps/arm/bits/endian.h
RCS file: /glibc/cvsfiles/libc/sysdeps/arm/bits/endian.h,v
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -r1.2 endian.h
< /* ARM is little-endian.  */
> /* ARM is (usually) little-endian but with a big-endian FPU.  */

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