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Re: Debian ports for RiscPC, ARM710, etc.

James Craig wrote:
> That someone else had written (Possibly Matthew)

<stuff removed>

>  You may be right about other companies producing
> > ARMv3 designs - the Psion 5 _may_ be, but on the other hand it might
> > be based on an ARM7TDMI which is an ARMv4 architecture.  I honestly
> > can't remember.

I >think< that any ARM7 design is V3; or V3T if it has a Thumb extension.
StrongARM, ARM8 etc are V4 with the snazzy load extension.

> <fishes out his Psion 5>
> <goes to machine hardware page>
> Processor: ARM7100
> Speed: 18.432MHz.
> ROM: 6M
> RAM: 8M
> So there you go. I think it's pretty similar to the ARM7500 but designed
> for a palmtop instead of a normal PC.

I think there are some people who've looked at porting to Psion; but I haven't
heard anything from them lately.

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