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Software Development Team


Need help scaling your software development capacity to support your fast growth?

We build entire development teams in a flash to support growth for our clients and their IT Projects. 

We’re the 9th largest IT Outsourcing company in Poland and we excel in speedy IT Team Building and fast Ramp-ups. We got more than 400 developers on board and 150 specialists in the recruitment pipeline each month. 

We can set as many Scrum Teams as you need to support your growth. 

Whether you need Front-End, Back-End, App Engineers, PM’s or DataBase Experts, we can deliver every IT Specialist you need. Looking for experienced Developers with Java, PHP, .NET, C++, HTML or any other programming languages? We’ll find them for you.

If you’re thinking about a new project or you’re on a deadline with an existing one, we’re ready to help you at any time.

What project needs help?

Best regards
Daniel Johansen
Account Manager

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