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☝ Enkel onze bevoorrechte relaties, tips die altijd nuttig zijn. Uw Sinterklaaszakjes op maat - Vos sachets St-Nicolas personnalisés Apache suddenly downloads PHP instead of executing it ... but only on one virtual site? apache2_2.4.25-3+deb9u9_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into oldstable-proposed-updates->oldstable-new apache2_2.4.25-3+deb9u9_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into oldstable-proposed-updates->oldstable-new, oldstable-proposed-updates apache2_2.4.38-3+deb10u2_sourceonly.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new apache2_2.4.38-3+deb10u2_sourceonly.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new, proposed-updates apache2_2.4.38-3+deb10u3_sourceonly.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new apache2_2.4.38-3+deb10u3_sourceonly.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new, proposed-updates Bug#876636: marked as done (apache2: insserv noise) Bug#896090: Integrity:Exposing this info is a significant issue for the media to grapple with but it has to be driven through for mankind. Bug#919602: apache2: reload via systemd: apache2.service: Failed to set up mount namespacing: No such file or directory Bug#941202: Bug#941202: marked as done (apache2: Fix for CVE-2019-10092 results in AH10187 when hitting balancer-manager) Bug#941202: Note Reproducable on Debian 10.1 (Buster) Bug#942143: buster-pu: package apache2/2.4.38-3+deb10u2 Bug#943415: apache2: Disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 by default cannot bring up phpmyadmin in browser, cannot link to mysql Processed: Bug#941202 marked as pending in apache2 Processed: found 941202 in 2.4.38-3+deb10u1 URGENT: Amendment needed to page on your website The last update was on 23:00 GMT Tue Oct 29. There are 32 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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