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apache2.2 cleanup & more


Now that the transitional packages are gone, I did some cleanup in the
- Removed the configuration file hacks to move them around between packages.
- Removed the /etc/apache2/.apache2_mpm_selected handling.
I hope this is ok. Fell free to tell me if I'm doing too much.

Last week, I also made the build reproducible. I used the date from the
change log rather than __DATE__. Despite some research, I was unable to
have a space in the macros, so I used a T between the date and the time.

Also, lintian was complaining about etc/bash_completion.d being
obsolete, so I moved the scripts to the new location
/usr/share/bash-completion/completions, and added required links there
since the file name must match the command name.

Tonight, I did a little more cleaning (d/clean was still containing
debian/apache2-mpm-event.postinst and stuff), and I also removed some
2.2 related commands from the *.maintscript.
I did not report that in the changelog, this looks too small to mention,
and we already talked about these packages disapearing. Do ping me if
you fell I should be more verbose there.

I am unsure how far you'd like to go in the clean up:

We remove everything up to Jessie in the postinsts, since it is required
to upgrade there first, right? So that leaves a few "--compare-versions
le 2.4.6-1~" and "2.4.1-4" to remove... Ok?

Should we remove migrate-sites.pl too?

And what about the d/control that still contains the
replace/conflicts/breaks on "transitional" packages << 2.3 ? And about
the apache2-prefork-dev and similar?



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