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Bug#750739: apache2-mpm-worker: Can't start with >= 5000 VirtualHosts with 'SSLEngine On' - "AH00016: Configuration Failed". sysctl fs.file-max=512000

> On Monday 16 June 2014 14:20:27, INTEN - Damian S. Kołodziejczyk
> wrote:
>> error log shows only "AH00016: Configuration Failed"
> If you have separate error logs for ssl virtualhosts, please also
> check those for additional error messages.

Additional error messages was empty - nothig more.

>> i increased max openfiles (sysctl fs.file-max=512000) becouse
>> i also increased FD_SETSIZE in httpd.
> Did you do this to try to fix this issue or was this an unrelated
> change to fix something else? httpd should not use FD_SETSIZE
> internally (though some library used by httpd may).

Yes - all libs with httpd required.

>> Normal virtualhosts = 40 000 and working,
>> SSL virtualhosts < 5000 and "AH00016: Configuration Failed"
> You could try to start it under "strace -f" and try to see if there is
> some system call that fails shortly before this message is printed.
> BTW, you original report said "version 2.2.22-13+deb7u1", but the
> AH00016 tag was only introduced in 2.4. Which version do you use
> exactly?

Strace shows only info about too many open files - so i increase it.
Nothing more points.

I checked also on version 2.4 - error also occurs and apparently
this is the version pasted. Today, I went back to 2.2.

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