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Bug#750739: apache2-mpm-worker: Can't start with >= 5000 VirtualHosts with 'SSLEngine On' - "AH00016: Configuration Failed". sysctl fs.file-max=512000

> tags 750739 moreinfo
> thanks
> This report does not have enough information. Is there anything
> related in the error log? What do you mean with the sysctl?

error log shows only "AH00016: Configuration Failed"
i increased max openfiles (sysctl fs.file-max=512000) becouse
i also increased FD_SETSIZE in httpd.
Normal virtualhosts = 40 000 and working,
SSL virtualhosts < 5000 and "AH00016: Configuration Failed"

Damian S. Kołodziejczyk
www.inten.pl * inten@inten.pl

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