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Bug#698967: apache2 default conf file contains Listen directive

The following message was posted to the Launchpad bug by the original poster of that bug, prompting it to be marked as invalid:

I think I'm completely wrong on this, my fault for doing this completely
from memory without verifying that it actually works.

The problem is more of Apache's completely unexpected behavior: it listens
on whatever port you tell it. You have only a virtual host on *:1080?
Listen 80, it comes up and listens on 80, does not serve your site. You
have multiple virtual hosts on one port, and multiple others on other
ports? You can't have multiple Listen directives on the same port, Apache
won't start.

The same information is in two places and it doesn't have to make sense.

I should have actually checked before I filed this invalid report; the
actual issue I want to report is something completely different and

Therefore, while Debian is free to mark this however it wishes, I would suggest marking it as the equivalent to Launchpad's "Invalid" or "Not a Bug" status.

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