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Bug#698967: apache2 default conf file contains Listen directive


On 25.01.2013 21:30, Thomas Ward wrote:
>> however if the default site is removed or moved to another port,
>> Apache continues to listen on that port. For example, if Apache listens on
>> Port 80 and you change the default site to listen on port 1080, Apache will
>> listen on Port 80 and Port 1080 due to the Listen directive in ports.conf.

I am not sure to follow here. If you change the desired port through
<VirtualHost> the listening port is /not/ affected (see also upstream
docs [1]). That means, if you wanted to change that behavior you'd need
another Listen directive anyhow, regardless what you configured in your
default site where Apache shall listen.

Admittedly you don't need to use ports.conf for that, but you need to
add it somewhere. While you're at it, you could use ports.conf for that,
don't you?

[1] http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/core.html#virtualhost

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Arno Töll
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