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Re: Fwd: [php-maint] Updating php5 to 5.4.4-5 broke FastCGI setup on my machine

Oh and one more thing (even though this is PHP unrelated):

Maybe I misunderstand something but it seems both:

libapache2-mod-fcgid, which uses:
<IfModule mod_fcgid.c>
  AddHandler	fcgid-script .fcgi
  FcgidConnectTimeout 20

libapache2-mod-fastcgi, which uses:
<IfModule mod_fastcgi.c>
  AddHandler fastcgi-script .fcgi
  #FastCgiWrapper /usr/lib/apache2/suexec
  FastCgiIpcDir /var/lib/apache2/fastcgi

are highly vulnerable to the evil.fcgi.jpeg issue...

Can you confirm this? Cause then we need to open some critical bugs.


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