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Re: Passing LDFLAGS to Apache modules for hardened build flags

On Tuesday 29 May 2012, Arno Töll wrote:
> > Note, a few packages of my 2.4 test rebuild FTBFS because of
> > hardening flags lately (#666839 and #666854 at least).
> And these packages now probably turned RC buggy as they fail to
> build from source with hardening flags enabled. I will test that
> and report a bug unless you catch me on that.

At least in the two cases above, this was a 2.4 specific change. The 
packages still build fine.

Lintian complains, though:

mod_ruby doesn't use the LDFLAGS passed in via apxs, though:
libapache2-mod-ruby: hardening-no-relro 

But I wonder if it would not be better to simply remove mod_ruby. Last 
upload 2008.

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